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The circulating water system not only absorbs the suspended matter in the air during cooling, but also produces particulate impurities in the system itself. Including system corrosion products, mineral deposits (eg, iron and hardness salts, etc.), microbial growth, organic aggregates, dissolved and undissolved impurities leaking from the heat exchanger process surfaces, etc. increase system nutrition and accelerate bacterial growth , Accelerate the corrosion and the formation of corrosion products. When impurities and fouling minerals precipitate together, they increase fouling rates and fouling thicknesses. These fouled membranes reduce heat exchange efficiency, reduce the water flow rate on the surface of the heat exchanger, and promote corrosion under fouling resulting in more contamination. Slower flow rates allow more impurities to precipitate, amplifying the problem and further reducing efficiency. Microbes in the cooling water, especially those that produce slime, deposit on the metal surface (not just the microorganisms themselves but also the water Of suspended solids), will cause corrosion under the scale. At the same time, some of the microbial metabolic processes are also involved in the electrochemical process, to promote corrosion. As a result, extremely small suspended solids can be removed effectively to reduce the causes of system corrosion, thereby reducing corrosion rates, extending equipment life and erratic shutdowns due to corrosion. Because the circulating water is full of dissolved oxygen, the appropriate temperature and nutrient-rich conditions, it is suitable for microbial growth and reproduction, if not promptly control the water quality will lead to deterioration, smelly, black, a large number of cooling tower adhesion or clogging deposition, cooling Cooling effect dropped significantly, equipment corrosion worse. Therefore, circulating water treatment must control the propagation of microorganisms. Microorganisms in circulating cooling water come from two aspects. First, the cooling tower in the water evaporation process requires the introduction of a large amount of air, microorganisms also with the air into the cooling water, the second is the cooling water system more or less there will be microorganisms, these microorganisms also added water into the cooling water System。
Case Automatic dosing device
案例名称: 专业水处理
案例名称: 自动加药排污
案例名称: 自动加药
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  • 1.Central air conditioning yellow water how to do?
    Central air-conditioning chilled water and condensate water are recycled water, the cycle will be adsorbed in the air of dust, foreign bodies, etc., water will generate microorganisms, so require regular replacement of water, if dirty very interested, or even to add special cleaning agent Cleaning; if condensation in the condenser more scale, will result in cooling effect of central air conditioning decreased, electricity consumption increased, so also regularly open the cleaning condenser. The way to do this is to change the frequency of cooling water and condensate and to clean the condenser……
  • 2.Circulating cooling water algae growth in a lot of how to deal with?
    Circulating water due to nutrient concentration, temperature and summer prolonged sunshine, bacteria and algae to create a rapid breeding conditions. Much like the mucilage secreted by bacteria, it allows dust and chemical buoys floating in the water to bond together to form slimy sediments. A biofouling sludge attaches to the heat transfer surfaces of the host condenser Heat transfer filler), in addition to causing corrosion under the scale, but also to reduce the flow of circulating water, reducing heat exchange efficiency, increase power consumption and host load, in severe cases will plug the pipeline……
  • 3.Cooler fouling can clean it?
    Can be cleaned. Cooler fouling is generally divided into two types of tube fouling and tube fouling, as circulating water generally use soft water, so fouling tube generally does not appear, unless your circulating water is not soft water, remove the detergent first Use soft water cycle. Most of the cooler scaling is outside the tube scaling, there are two reasons for its study, first, the circulating water pipe is too high, because the spray water is generally used groundwater that is hard water, so if the tube temperature is too high will make the spray water temperature Rise, the formation of scale in the pipe wall, the second is spray water itself with high Mg and other elements, especially in mountainous areas, the water is relatively hard……
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